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TIM Train the Trainer Offered at National Fire Academy
June 27 to June 29, 2014 for Certified State Fire Service Instructors and/or Metro Fire Department Training Division Members as well as roadway incident trainers from other disciplines. (more)
TIM Train the Trainer Offered at National Fire Academy
Advance Warning
This module discusses the concept of advance warning, its benefits, and how to implement a range of advance warning devices. (more)

Blocking Procedures at Roadway Incidents
This module discusses the concept of blocking, why it is important, how to determine whether linear positioning or block positioning is appropriate at a given incident. (more)

High Visibility Innovations
It is widely known that the visibility of responders is a key factor in safe emergency operation on the roadways. (more)

Intro to Fire Service Traffic Control Professional
This module introduces current and prospective fire service traffic control professionals to the responsibilities of the position. (more)

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
This module highlights and explains in plain language the portions of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) that apply to first responders working roadway incidents. (more)

Move It or Work It
The module relates the Move It Work It decision to safe, quick clearance and the National Unified Goal. (more)

National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management
This module presents the National Unified Goal as the road map for implementing cross-department cooperation and communication. (more)

Safe Fire Service Traffic Control Practices
This module provides a basic understanding of the framework of traffic control at emergency scenes. (more)

Traffic Incident Management: Incident Command & Management
This module discusses the use of the Incident Command System (ICS) to manage the response to a roadway incident, both in the context of the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Team and implementation at the incident scene. (more)

Traffic Incident Management: Model Practices & Procedures
This module presents model policies, practices and procedures for key topics in the traffic incident response and management process, from pre-planning to incident response and through to investigation and post-incident analysis. (more)

Traffic Incident Management: Strategies for Public Outreach
This module sets forth a series of vetted best practices for drivers to follow when encountering emergency scenes on the roadway. (more)

Traffic Incident Management: TIM Training & Resources for Emergency Responders
This module provides a framework for TIM training and guidance on the techniques and methods used in TIM training. (more)

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