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In 2020, ERSI , conducted a nationwide survey of over 899 fire service and EMS personnel to gather their opinions regarding helmet use at roadway incidents.
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Through synthesis of current research on highway work zone safety with input from participants in a December 1998 workshop, this document offers measures that contractors, agencies, policymakers, manufacturers, law enforcement, and the research community can take to reduce occupational injuries in highway work zones.
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Developed by the Capitol Region Council of Governments Greater Hartford Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Coalition, this field guide provides guidance for traffic incident scene management for emergency response organizations. Includes TIM and responder safety basic principles, guidelines for deploying traffic control devices, recommended TIM procedures, and practical diagrams of traffic control applications like vehicle classification, stopping distances, and traffic incident management area setups for different roadway configurations.
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This ERSI study reports the results of a field experiment to investigate the impacts of emergency vehicle marking color, retroreflectivity level and spatial patterns on drivers’ ability to see emergency responders working near their vehicles was carried out. The study also examined the impacts of a wearable flashing LED light.
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This document is a model SOP to use as a “go by” when formulating your department’s SOP on the use of safety apparent while working in or near moving traffic.
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Don’t be "That" Guy! PPE & Warning Sign Reflectivity Comparison
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This presentation is an excerpt from the University of Extrication “Safe Parking” highway safety program by Ron Moore, Battalion Chief, McKinney, TX FD. The segment in this presentation addresses the issue of proper PPE for responders working in or near moving traffic.
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This Power Point program provides training for responders on the first arriving apparatus at a highway incident. The first 15 minutes of an incident often sets the tone for the entire response. Learn how practices such as “windshield size up” can make the scene safer.
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This alert describes the hazards facing fire fighters working along roadways, presents two case studies, and lists recommendations for prevention of struck bys.
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A full operations level training program that may be taught in modules. Suggested presenters should be at least a level one instructor. Suggested teaching time is 4 hours total.
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