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Connected Vehicles

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Rapid advancements in technology are making connected vehicles more and more commonplace on the roadways. In fact, some major auto manufacturers have committed to having connected technology in their vehicles by 2019.

Yet, outreach to connected vehicle technology companies and auto manufacturers by the Emergency Responder Safety Institute has raised a number of concerns. Some companies haven't resolved how these technologies will interface with emergency response information. Others haven't thought about these issues at all. Some companies have recognized the need to address new technology and emergency incident scenes but have not yet developed complete solutions. Few of these technology companies have expertise in how traffic incident management is handled and thus don't know what the opportunities and challenge are of integrating emergency scene incident information into connected vehicle technologies.

Connected technologies already in the market and becoming more prevalent very quickly. Are you ready for them? Most agencies are not. In this program, you will learn the basics of connected vehicle technologies, the challenges and opportunities they present to emergency responders, the current state of technology development, and how to begin to prepare for the inevitable pervasiveness of connected vehicles on the roadways you serve.

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