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Safety Service Patrols: An Underutilized Partner

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Safety Service Patrols (SSPs) can provide a wide range of services to assist in roadway response. However, many responder groups are not aware of their local SSP’s capabilities and how to request the SSP’s assistance. This fact is complicated by wide variation in the reality of who staffs the SSP, what hours the SSP is available, what the liability limits of the SSP are, and what services the SSP can deliver. On the SSP side, Safety Service Patrols are looking for good information on recommended practices from a safety and clearance perspective in relation to the essential duties of the other response agencies. This self-paced program will provide both an introduction to Safety Service Patrols at the awareness level and recommend vehicle outfitting and roadway operating procedures for SSPs.
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Have you used the training from RSLN on the job?