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Sobriety Checkpoint Safety

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Operating on the roadway is one of the most dangerous duties law enforcement officers do.1 Sobriety checkpoints expose officers to traffic from both directions as drivers encounter that unexpected event and officers approach and assess those drivers. This module presents practical steps law enforcement officers can take to maximize their safety while working sobriety checkpoints. The module focuses on the safety aspects of planning and executing these checkpoints. The legalities and procedures for evaluating driver sobriety are not addressed.

1Statistics for 2013 from National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund: Auto Crash (28), Struck by Vehicle (11), Motorcycle Crash (4). Cumulative 2004-2013, Top 4 causes of LE fatalities in the line of duty in order of # officers killed: Shot (548), Auto Crash (434), Job-Related Illness (186), Struck By Vehicle (136). “Operating on the roadway” encompasses crashes and struck bys. http://www.nleomf.org/facts/officer-fatalities-data/causes.html

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