Intro to Fire Service Traffic Incident Management Professional

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Program Abstract

This module introduces prospective fire service traffic incident management professionals to the responsibilities of the position, its professional qualifications standard (NFPA 1091), and its role in the incident command system. Current fire service traffic incident management professionals may also benefit from this module's information as a refresher on the foundations of the position. The module provides an understanding of the difficulties, dangers, and rewards of the job. It also enables the fire service traffic incident management professional to assess whether they are physically, mentally, and emotionally suited for the position. Finally, the module provides guidance intended to improve the professionalism and preparedness of traffic incident management personnel in terms of uniform, non-uniform clothing, and equipment.

This module is intended to provide entry level training prior to instruction at the state or local level. This module does not replace departmental and state training and requirements by the authority having jurisdiction.

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