Roadway Incident Operational Safety for EMS Providers

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) vehicles respond to a wide variety of roadway incidents, such as crashes, pedestrians struck by vehicles, other medical emergencies, natural disasters, and weather events. In addition to working on a roadway incident, many times EMS must park on and traverse a roadway to access patients who are in off-roadway locations. Operating on and traversing active roadways puts EMS providers at risk of being struck by vehicles. However, many EMS agencies do not have policies on the safety aspects of roadway operations. This program focuses on safety issues associated with operating as an EMS provider on or near a roadway, particularly in the single ambulance response situation where other agencies are not (or are not yet) on scene to assist with traffic incident management tasks.

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Get Started and The Responder Safety Learning Network (RSLN) are a project of the Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI), a Committee of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Fireman's Association. The RSLN is an online training network delivering critical safety training for roadway incident responders. All training is free and delivered 24/7/365 on demand. The self-paced modules include critical components of roadway operations safety in an emergency situation, including: Advance Warning, Blocking, High Visibility, Traffic Control, Public Outreach, Incident Command, and more. Register online to get started.